Our Fourth Round of Whole30

We began our FOURTH round of Whole30 today, but yesterday my kids had two fistfuls of candy, chocolate cake, and pizza. Today will be rough.

We began our first Whole30 in July 2014 and it turned my world upside down. I read It Starts with Food and I was ready to challenge myself and my family. Sweet baby cheeses, that was hard! I felt as if I were moving through pea soup every day. After Round 1, I tried to cook mostly at home and mostly well, but slips turn into snowballs and before you know it, you’re at the bottom of the hill again.

Our second Whole30, in June 2016, was a bit more lax since our kids were older and much more adept at whining about food. We had smoothies and banana pancakes for breakfast occasionally. However, we completed a full reintroduction this time and I learned that all beans are out to destroy me. I also began the Nourishaustin (previously wholefamilyfood) Instagram account in 2016 for all the moms who insisted that they could never do a Whole30 with their kids. It’s possible. It’s not easy or fun, but I enjoy a challenge. Also, I may enjoy “torturing” my children.

My third round of Whole30 began when I found out one of the “cool moms” at school had decided to go for it and I chose to tag along for moral support. I failed. I think I made it 25 days? Whoops! I thought I had it down by then, but apparently my resistance to temptation was not nearly as strong as I thought.

I’ve been pep-talking myself for weeks, y’all. I still haven’t done as much planning and prep as I should have, but we’re doing it. Bring on the vegetables!

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