Notes on starting a Whole30, wildly unprepared

I made chia pudding.

I made it at 10:30pm, when I was dog-tired and ready to give up before I even started. But, I made a commitment and we were out of eggs. Tip #1 for wrecking a Whole30: begin with no eggs in your house. Or lunch meat. Or coffee. But, I tackled the first meal before I went to bed and felt a lot better for it.

Lunch was an impromptu picnic at a friend’s house. She made chicken salad and I brought the mayo. We rounded it out with some cherry tomatoes, fruit, olives, plantain chips and guac…three moms can put together quite a picnic spread on the fly.

Dinner for the family was a lovely sheet pan of roasted root vegetable and a porkchop/apple skillet. For me, it was a handful of dried nuts and fruit as I ran out the door for practice. Daddy was none too happy with me that I lost track of time and made him finish cooking dinner. But, we did it! We conquered Day 1! Just 29 more to go…

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